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Davis and Davis was founded in 2011 to help organizations create and implement easy-to-understand strategic plans. Today, we are the connective tissue that bridges the gap between an aspirational corporate goal and a sustainable, actionable ground strategy. We do this by building community engagement models, strategy implementations, leading corporate training, providing expert advice to senior leaders, and partnering with universities and local governments to spearhead partnership.

New Growth
New Growth

The Ecosystem

The ecosystem or cluster approach is our holistic way to engage communities. We believe resources should be spent building an ecosystem that then empowers the people. This approach makes our strategies sustainable and pointed towards the future.


Our approach addresses one of the biggest barriers in many underserved communities, Trust. We know that our success in any community depends solely on the conversation we have with the community. This allows us to always draw a line of sight between our solutions and the needs of the community.

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