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The Davis & Davis Experience


Davis & Davis embraces a collaborative approach ensuring all client's needs, desires and

recommendations are met.

As important as the accuracy of the recommendations is the client's commitment to actually implementing them. Research shows that kind of commitment comes from their truly understanding the recommendations and believing in them. In turn, that comes from their collaborating with the consultant as much as possible in order to analyze their own situation and what to actually do about it.

Overall, that collaborative approach is much more likely to produce the kind of support, momentum and learning that are necessary for successful organizational change.  In additional to organizational consultants, the highly collaborative approach applies to technical consultants, too, especially if the focus of the project is on a complex technical system, where the consultant needs to ensure that the system is adaptable to the client's organizational culture. Many other helping professions, for example, therapy, social work and education, have also realized the critical role of working in collaboration with others.

Meet the Team

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Tremain Davis

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Chief Executive Officer/

Business Strategist


Tanarah "TJ" McFarland

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Chief Operations Officer

Brand Development/

Social Media Consultant

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Megan Soinge

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Digital Marketing/

Content Creation Consultant

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